Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bullpen Boof blasted

Boof Bonser's career relief debut was a miserable one, as he gave up 5 earned runs in 3 innings relieving Scott Baker, who was hit by a line drive. After the game, Ron Gardenhire blasted Bonser for being rusty after having two weeks off. That's right, said it was Boof's fault.

I've always thought Gardenhire had it "out" for Bonser. After every outing, positive, negative, or neutral (and I'll be the first to say Boof has had more of the second two than the first), Gardenhire always made some sort of critical remark.

Anything can happen during the course of a season, but Boof does not have a good ranking at all on the organizational depth chart heading into the 2008 season. If any team still values him, I say look for Boof to be traded. Otherwise, it may take a ST injury to another prospect to avoid a trip to Rochester.

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