Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Boof is Pitching in for Pat

You should too!


Send fellow Twins pitcher Pat Neshek to the All-Star game.

If you really get into it (which you should), go here to get a handy tool to vote faster!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Boof Nation 2.0, VOTE NESHEK, and a good link

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Also be sure to check out yesterday's archived live blog of Boof's start against the Yankees and Roger Clemens.

After Boof's final start later this week against the White Sox, I will have an All-Star break first half recap of Boof's season, so be sure to watch for that.


Check out this very interesting article about Boof and his pitches.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Live Blogging Tonight's Start

Hello Boof Nation! I'll be live-blogging Boof's start because I have nother better to do tonight.

Boof's Final Line (Loss, 5-5, 101 pitches):
5.1 IP, 9 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 6 SO, 1 HR

Not a great start, but not a bad start. His line is uglier that he pitched. Poor pitch economy spelled Bonser's doom tonight, and so did no help from the bullpen.

The big news from this game is that Roger Clemens, who went eight strong innings, picked up his 350th career win. Way to go, Rocket. Bonser will forever have his name tied to this great event. And, oh, Boof, by the way, you've got only 338 more wins to go.

After the game, Boof had this to say about the Yankees: "You definitely couldn't tell they were scuffling. It must be nice if you score five runs and put 12 hits on the board and say you're scuffling." (courtesy of

Inning Six
This one's a real pitcher's duel, folks. The Rocket just sent the Twins down 1-2-3.

Then, Boof retires the first batter. Then, well, you knew it was coming, folks. A solo home run for Bobby Abreu. Follow that up with a double for Andy Phillips, a single for Robinson Cano, throw in 101 pitches, and you get the end of Boof's line. With one out in the sixth, he gives way to Juan Rincon. Boof is responsible for the runners on first and third. Rincon walks the bases loaded (Boof could have done that!) Then, Rincon walks in a run! Yes, Gardenhire, it made perfect sense to pull Boof. He only struck out A-Rod twice. Thankfully, now Matt Guerrier is pitching. Unthankfully, he just gave up a two-run single to Derek Jeter. That'll officially end Boof's line, as his last runner has scored. That'll also end tonight's live blogging. I'll update this post with the final results after the game. With one out in the sixth, it's
Twins 1, Yankees 5

Inning Five
Clemens has settled down a lot. So much, in fact, that he disposed of the Twins 1-2-3 again. His pitch count is only 66.

Boof, on the other hand, starts the inning at 70 pitches. But what a way to use them! Boof Nation, the one and only Boof Bonser has struck out Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Jorge Posada. All swinging. Inning over.
Twins 1, Yankees 1

Inning Four
Clemens has settled down. Other than a lead-off double, the Twins go down meekly.

Hmm. Boof has chosen to intrigue us. Instead of a lead-off single, he's opted for a lead-off flyout-to-deep-center-inches-from-giving-the-Yankees-the-lead type of flyout. I can't complain about another strikeout to follow it up, though. What I can complain about is letting the number nine hitter (Robinson Cano) reach base again on a single, and then walking Johnny Damon. Now Boof must face Melky Cabrera, who is 2 for 2. Boof opted for his classic out pitch - a deep flyout to center.
Twins 1, Yankees 1

Inning Three
Clemens retires the Twins 1-2-3, so now it's up to Boof to do the same with the Yankees.

It's deja vu to the first inning, as Boof has given up two singles to start the inning. But! Rejoice, Boof Nation, as Boof Bonser has struck out Alex Rodriguez, the great A-Rod, swinging. No out has ever been sweeter. The Boof we know and love is back, striking out Jorge Posada as an encore. A quick fly-out by Hideki Matsui ends the inning. The singles don't come back to haunt Boof in the form of runs, but they do in the form of pitch count - Boof stands at 48 pitches after just three innings. Twins 1, Yankees 1

Inning Two
A groundout of the afore-mentioned type by Jason Kubel scores the Twins' first run. Clemens hasn't been pitching any better than Boof.

Speaking of Boof, now it's his turn. He promptly gives up yet another single to start the inning. Not a healthy way to pitch. What is healthy, though, is to get the double-play groundout, which Boof did. Thank you Andy Phillips. What is also not health is to walk the number nine hitter, which Boof did next. What is also healthy is to get Johnny Damon to fly out to right (but on the warning track? Careful, Boof). Inning over. Twins 1, Yankees 1

Inning One
Well, it is the Yankees. The Twins went one-two-three in their half.

Two singles to start the inning ruined an otherwise effective inning for Boof which saw two groundouts (always promising), one flyout, and one walk. Unfortunately, when you give up groundouts with runners on, those runners can advance, and score, so...after inning one, it's Twins 0, Yankees 1.

Tomorrow again!

This tomorrow, Boof pitches in New York. Ouch. Against the Yankees. Ouch. Opposite Roger Clemens. Ouch.

Let's hope Boof comes out alive.

Many thanks to the users who found my old post about a nickname for Boof and added their suggestions.