Monday, March 12, 2007


A perfect outing against the Marlins...worth noting? Why not.


Twins on the mound: Boof Bonser made a strong statement in the race for a starting spot as he threw four scoreless innings. Bonser did not allow a hit or a walk and struck out three, as the only baserunner reached on a Michael Cuddyer fielding error.

Don't be fooled by that statement. makes many settled spring training roster spots "battles" to increase readership. Boof's in the rotation.


"I'm trying to get as many guys out as I can," Bonser said. "I don't need no trouble. I don't want no trouble, let's put it that way. Let's keep it rolling."

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire would like to see Bonser keep it rolling as well.

"Pitching-wise, we threw the ball well," Gardenhire said. "We like to see Boof attack the strike zone, and that's what he did."

I think Boof has a good strategy. Get guys out.

Sarcasm never comes off well in print. Give Boof credit for trying.

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